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Albur Optical Company was founded in 1989 in northern Syria. Al bur optics is the leading company and take a big share in my global markets businesses. Our success begins in our ability to apply technology and industry glasses and contact lenses with high quality to meet customer needs. Provide attractive returns to investors on along-term. We are proud of the culture of the company and professional conduct that we follow. In 1996 we opened several points of sale for medical glasses and sunglasses in Syria specifically Edlib province and then we started to spread in other provinces.

Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%
Optical Trading 95%
Manufacturing 60%


Excellence and innovation in all areas through a wide range of modern and high-quality products provide a comprehensive set of glasses and optical services to work with relentless honesty and integrity in everything we do

Satisfy our customers with innovative and high-tech. The quality, value and service we appreciate our diverse talents, initiative and leadership


We started with a vision to reach out to customers far and wide with superior eye care solutions. Today, as a multinational optical store chain across the Gulf, Albur Opticals  has lived up to the vision and even beyond.

Our vision and values have endeared us to our customer whose faith and confidence have seen us stride ahead to success. Their trust and support our greatest asset and inspiration to progress into a more promising future.


Our products enable the deployment around the world Helping customers make the decision and choose a modern, high-quality product.